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Frequently Asked Questions

imani i2 / i2+

Q: What is the difference between imani i2 and imani i2+?

A: The imani i2+ has an LED display on the pump motor which displays battery life, intensity level, mode of expression (pump/massage), and how long you have been pumping for. The imani i2+ is also compatible with the imani charging dock. Both imani i2 and i2+ use the same triton handsfree cups. 

Q: What is tritan? 

A: Tritan is a BPA-free plastic — it is not manufactured with bisphenol A (BPA) or other bisphenol compounds, such as bisphenol S (BPS). It is a clear plastic that looks like glass but is impact resistant - can be used without fear of shattering. All other plastics lose their luster after repeated washing but tritan have looks that last. 

Q: What is the imani charging dock for? 

A: The imani charging dock is compatible ONLY with the imani i2+. It is a charging dock where you can place both i2+ motor pumps into and charge simultaneously. 

Q: Is the imani pump leakproof?

A: The imani handsfree cups have been designed so that the opening where milk is emptied from sits at the top of the cup. The opening also has an cover now for extra assurance.  You can do a large number of chores and care for your children while you pump handsfree! Yes, you can bend lightly without any milk spillage provided there is a good support in the bra cups that you use. We generally say, unless you do a handstand you shouldn't be expecting any milk spillage. 

Q: Are flange sizes important and how do I know what size will fit me?

A: Flange sizes are crucial to the efficiency of a pumping session. Having the wrong flange size may cause discomfort while pumping and also your breasts may not be emptied well. The general formula to measuring the size of your flange is to the diameter of your nipple before pumping ( not including the areola) + 3-4mm. 

Q: What sizes does the imani cater for?

A: When you purchase the imani pump or the handsfree cups, a 28mm silicone flange and a 25mm silicone insert is included. We also have 19mm and 21mm silicone inserts available for separate purchase. 

Q: What are the separate handsfree cups for?

A: Apart from using the handsfree cups with the imani pump, these cups may be "hacked" and be used together with your existing pumps. The handsfree cups come with white connectors, which connects the handsfree cups to the tubing of your existing pump. This way you would be able to pump with your existing pump but with more discreet and handsfree options. 

*Compatible with Milkbar, Spectra, Bellema and Medela pumps except Medela flex*

Q: What is the capacity of the imani handsfree cups? 

A: The imani handsfree cups have a huge capacity and can hold up to 250ml or 8 oz of milk. 

Q: What is the Polypyrene (hard plastic) handsfree cup?

A: This polypyrene (hard plastic) cup is the previous version of handsfree cup that came with the imani i2 pump. From 1 June 2021 onwards, this material will be discontinued by the manufacturer. We still have some stock left on hand and if you prefer this material you may still be able to purchase them while stocks last. It is important to note that this polypyrene (hard plastic) handsfree cup is ONLY compatible with the imani i2. 

Q: Can the imani pump empty milk well? 

A: Clients have given feedback that the imani pump, with the correct sized flange, has no difference in output compared to the other breast pumps you can find on the market. 

Q: How do I sterilise the imani pump parts?

A: It is recommended to sterilise imani pump parts using a UV steriliser or to sterilise in boiling water for under 30 seconds. High heat sterilisation is not recommended as it may warp and distort the material. 

Q: How often do I need to change the pump parts? 

A: Depending on how much you pump, you may need to change the valves 1-3 months, the inserts and protectors every 2-6 months, the cups, connector and flanges every 6 months. These pump parts wear and tear as they work hard extracting milk. Replacing them serves as good maintenance and ensures efficient pumping.


Q: How long can the battery last?

A: A fully charged battery has a 3 hour use time.


Q: How is the imani pump charged?

A: This battery operated pump is charged via a USB C cable, which is the same cable as most mobile phone chargers. A USB C cable is included when you purchase the imani pump. Alternatively the charging dock is available as a charging equipment for the imani i2+. 

Q: How loud is the imani pump?

A: While it isn't entirely silent, clients have described the imani pump to give out a low vibrating sound. Feedback has also been that it is more silent than other breast pumps on the market.

Q: How heavy is the imani pump?

A: 160g only.

Q: What if the imani pump doesn't work for me?

A: We are committed to making sure the imani works for you. We will provide the support to troubleshoot issues with you until we get it right!

Q: Do you offer refunds?

A: Due  to hygiene purposes we do not offer any refunds on the products we sell on Little Vessels.




Q: How does the Mummy Bag work?

A: Ultraviolet (UV-C) lights eliminate bacteria, viruses, fungus, moles etc by destroying their DNA physically. Place milk bottles, pump parts, pacifiers, toys etc into the top compartment of the Mummy Bag to sterilise with the UV lights at the click of a button. 

Q: Is there a cooler compartment in the Mummy Bag?

A: Yes, in the bottom compartment of the Mummy Bag you will find a cooler compartment where you can store your expressed milk while you are out and about. An ice pack is recommended to keep the compartment nice and cool and to preserve your expressed milk safely.

Q: How does the Mummy Bag power and charge?

A: The Mummy Bag is powered by a small power bank which is tucked in very discreetly in the back pocket of the bag. You may detach this power bank to recharge it via USB. A single charge allows for 20 three minute sterilisation cycles.

Q: Where do you ship to?

A: We are a New Zealand based company, providing shipping NZ wide and also to Australia now!

Q: How soon can I expect my order? 

A: We use tracked postage and normally aim to dispatch your order in the same day, if not the next.

NZ North Island customers may expect their orders within 2 working days from the dispatch of their order.

NZ South Island customers may expect their orders within 3 working days from the dispatch of their order. Australian customers may expect their orders within 7-10 working days from the dispatch of their order. 

Q: What payment options do you provide? 

A: We offer Stripe (normal credit/debit card payments), Afterpay and Laybuy.


Q: How does Afterpay/Laybuy work?



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